Far North Queensland

Wedding Ceremony

My goal is to craft every ceremony to suit each individual client. I will take keen interest in getting to know you personally and work hard to ensure your wedding day feels like its been tailor made. You can also incorporate a unity sand ceremony into your wedding, its a perfect symbolic reminder of your special day. Casual or formal, intimate or embellished, night or day, for all to enjoy. This is, after all, ‘our ceremony’ – something you and I can feel proud of.

Renewal of Vows

Let this be a real celebration and a credit to the longevity of your commitment and relationship. I want you to feel very special when you renew your vows and I want others to feel as though an amazing example of 'true love’ has just been witnessed. Or if you want to keep this ceremony just to yourselves I would be honoured to witness and help you re-affirm your renewal of vows.

Naming Ceremony

Family is truly special and we love our children with all our hearts. This is a moment to share your dreams and aspirations, to welcome key friends and family members who will guide your little one though the ups and downs of life, and to recognise the significance and meaning of your little one's name. Relevant readings or favourite songs can be introduced into the ceremony as well as symbolic gifts to welcome your little one.

Graduation Ceremony

Congratulations for all your hard work at University, College, or High School graduation. Let’s celebrate your graduation and empower you with the confidence to take this new found knowledge to the world. Allow me to recognise your achievements and make you feel proud of all your hard work. It’s nice to have a sense of pride when you have put years of study into this goal. This ceremony is only limited by yours and my imagination we can make it fun.

Funeral Celebration of Life Ceremony

This is exactly how I will be crafting this ceremony, as a celebration of life. How this person made us feel, what they contributed to society. Allowing friends to share their inner thoughts and memories. Remembering what made us laugh. I will work very closely with family members and show the utmost respect and empathy during this difficult time.

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Finding the right marriage celebrant is important. You need to feel comfortable, relaxed and confident that your special day is in very capable hands. I have completed additional study as a Marriage Celebrant with a certificate IV in Marriage Celebrancy. This higher qualification offers assurance to you, and shows how committed I am to my profession.


I have a friendly, approachable nature and take great pleasure in making people feel special. By listening to what's important to you and working together, I will craft a ceremony that fits your personality and ensures originality. Let’s all enjoy and celebrate your special day.


I believe in marriage equality and delight in being able to officiate weddings for all couples


The Botanical Gardens make a stunning and easily accessible venue. Contact the Gardens and confirm if the date and time required is available. Information is available from Cairns Regional Council website, and alternative wet weather areas are available at the botanic gardens.

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My name is Leisel Pisani and I’ve been a local in Cairns for over 16 years. I am passionate about Cairns and Far North Queensland and love sharing this tropical paradise with interstate and international clients and wedding guests. My life is very busy as a full time Marriage Celebrant and mother. Thankfully, I have always found time to nurture my own relationships and I am very proud to say we have been married for over 24 years and have a beautiful daughter named Billie.


I have conducted many beautiful ceremonies in Far North Queensland at public beaches, islands in the Great Barrier Reef, private residences, chapels, botanical gardens, and even hot air balloons. To be able to legalise a marriage is a true honour and to watch couples take this new path in life is exciting and rewarding.


A lot of thought has gone into my business name ‘Our Ceremony’ and that’s exactly what I want to achieve with each and every client, a ceremony that I am proud to have crafted for you. We can all take some form of ownership over this special time and this is how the business name came about. There are many important milestones in life and I would love to help you celebrate them. Your wedding day is just the start of many more special moments to recognise.


I want ‘Our Ceremony’ to be an expression of your feelings, thoughts and emotions.

I look forward to crafting your ceremony whether it’s a wedding, for heterosexual, or gay and lesbian couples, renewal of vows, commitment ceremony, naming ceremony, funeral service, ash scattering ceremony, or graduation ceremony. Let me help you make your day special for all to enjoy.


How soon can we get married?

The minimum legal requirement is no sooner than one month and one day to ensure paperwork is collated, completed. You will need to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage form – download it from

Marriages for persons under the age of 18?

A couple can get married if one person is over the age of 18 and one person is 16 years or older. In this instant the couple must get consent approved by their guardians/parents and then court approval. However, if the parents do not approve, the court can override the parents' decision and approve the marriage. This is not common anymore unless there is travel, illness or unusual situations.

How many witnesses are needed for the day?

Two witnesses, must be over the age of 18.

Will we be given a certificate on the day of the wedding?

Yes a ‘presentation certificate’ will be given to you on your wedding day. This is a legal document. However, you will require the ‘official certificate of marriage’ to make legal changes to names etc. I will give you a copy of the application form to receive your official marriage certificate back from Births Deaths and Marriages.

Can our family members be part of the ceremony?

Yes, family members are free to contribute in any way they feel would be special; poetry readings, musical performances, speeches etc. This interaction is welcomed by me and I think it makes your ceremony that little bit more special and personal.

Are we restricted to what time of day we get married?

No, you can get married any time day or night. Evening ceremonies can often be cooler in our region and can still have a special intimacy with candles.

Can we write our own vows?

Absolutely. There are only two paragraphs that I am required to say by law to officiate your marriage. You can make your vows as personal and individual as you like. I can help you write something if you need assistance. Otherwise let your creativity and feelings shine – this is after all your special day and what better way to say how you truly feel.

Can we exchange gifts other than rings?

Yes, there are many rituals and symbolic exchanges that can take place. The exchange of rings is simply a tradition and is optional but not required by law.

Can a friend or other family member give me away if my father can’t?

Yes, there is no legal obligation as to who gives the bride away.

What support services are available to us as a couple if we need help?